Thursday, July 28, 2005

Perdang - Day 3 Part 1

We were leaving Perhentian on Day 3. Viv and I were determined to carry out the jogging thing, and so we actually got up early in the morn and jogged, while the others slept blissfully.

And here's proof! Also the 'Before' shot

It was an absolutely beautiful morning, and I hadn't forgotten to take my camera. Such fresh mornings are rarely seen, and if seen, rarely appreciated due to lack of time. Normally, early mornings are such a rush, just so I can get to work on time. But on this particular day, I was in no hurry. In fact, I only jogged for a while. After that, I just stopped and soaked in the early morning breeze and the scenic surroundings. It was the most peaceful kind of feeling ever.

What a beautiful morning!

Run, Lola, run!

The vacant beach chairs looked incredibly inviting, and I went and sat there.

And as I sat there and looked around, everything looked beautiful. Realisation hit me that it was probably the last time I was looking at all that and so I went quite ballistic with the camera to capture everything that I could.

The line of coconut trees...

...with baby coconuts hanging from them

The serene sea

The early boats had docked.

The water was green and clear.

The crab holes in the sand

An experimental photo I was trying out

The blurry thing at the bottom left is a shell I was holding. It didn't quite come out right. I was trying to achieve something else. So I tried it again.

Hmmm... almost there, but not still not quite...

Ah! Perfect!

A very exhausted Viv had returned by then.

The 'After shot'

We went back and woke everyone up, as we were supposed to go jungle trekking in the morning, and then get on the boat that was to take us to Redang in the afternoon. But we were told that there would be no time for trekking (or 'jungle tracking' as they refer to it). So we packed out bags, and got ready to board the boat.

It was funny that we never used the extra bed that we ordered. Actually we did, as a clothes hanger!

Finally, we were ready for part 2 of our holiday.

Jeeves poses at the jetty.

For some reason, I am very scared of jumping from the jetty to a boat. The gap between the two terrifies me. Possibly because when I was six, I fell into the water through that gap, and some weeds got entangled in my feet, and I was terrified. And so I could clutch on tightly to one of the guys' hand every single time I boarded a boat. Jeeves actually exclaimed, "I've seen you do stuff that's way tougher than this! I'm really amazed that you're scared of this!"

Soldier and Ro on the boat

Did I mention that Ro had forgotten his sandals at Long Beach the night before? It could either have been the influence of the sheesha or his tribute to the babes on the beach.

An hour's boat ride later, we were at Redang.

Beautiful beautiful Redang! Check out the spectacular rock!

At first, we could not find the resort! We walked in one direction and then in the other and then back in the first, a couple of times. Finally, the resort people had to send four people to find and fetch us! I was quite freaked out when the four well-built men came to us and gruffly asked us if we were from Perhentian.

The Redang Pelangi resort where we were staying was not all that nice. In fact, it was quite like a hostel. But the beauty of Redang beach more than made up for it!

Each of us got the Redang Pelangi cap as a souvenir.

It was lunchtime and we were starving. Meals were included in the package and we decided to make our way to the eating area.

Notice at the entrance to the eating area (They certainly know how to singularise/pluralise the wrong article, huh? Heh heh!)

The food turned out to be extremely bad.

So I lost interest and started wandering around with my camera again. The place was full of animals! There were little pigeons walking all over the place, and some squirrels near where the bread was kept.

I chased these little pigeons to get a better shot.

The elusive little ones would disappear under the chairs now and then.

Ah! Finally, I found one that was willing to model for me. What a pretty one at that!

And as I wandered, I found something interesting.

This sign was hung next to the bread which provided for the guests' breakfast every morning. The sign gave me a great idea!

And in the very next shot -- I had taken the bread, gone to the beach and fed it to the fish.

Yeah, always abides by the rules, that's me! ;)


  • naughty girl

    By Blogger Ro, at 12:53 PM  

  • You write a very interesting travelogue indeed. The pictures really do tell a 1000 words and all dat! Particularly enjoyed the sequence of the pics and your li'l captions. The promise of a story was kept alive through out. Thanks for sharing.

    By Anonymous Sue, at 12:52 PM  

  • sexy photos.. seriously... bahut sexy jagah hai.. :-)

    By Blogger virdi, at 6:25 PM  

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