Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dubai - Day 2 part 2

After lunch, we set off to see the Ibn Battuta mall. The mall was named after the 14th century explorer Ibn Battuta who spent 29 years travelling throughout the Middle East and Asia.

Signs on the way

Every road is lined with buildings of various kinds.

I like this shot I took!

Entrance of the mall

Next to the mall was this gym, housed in a Chinese-style building

Ibn Battuta mall is divided into six zones, each based on a country that he visited - China, India, Egypt, Tunisia, Andalusia and Persia. Each zone has distinctive architecture representative of that country.

Viv and me in the China court

Gosh, we're microscopic compared to the boat!

As we wandered around in the mall, Viv found what he was really there for.

Viv takes a closer look at all the F1 stuff.

After admiring the racing stuff from the outside, Viv was quick to go into the shop and grab the latest issue of an F1 magazine.

A and I pose pose with the false wooden ceiling.

Viv and I in another grand court

The intricate designs were very impressive.

There was an exhibition area with these ancient compasses.

Schoolday memories, anyone?

The figure on this chariot always points south even though the chariot is moving in a circular path.

Models of the newest developments in Dubai

Check out how authentic the water looks

Model of The Palm Deira showing the buildings

More grand architecture

Beautiful chandelier

Fake elephant in the India court

The palm trees and pretty lighting make the alleys of the mall very pretty indeed.

The ceiling has been painted to make it look like a sky. Some angles can really fool you!

All the wandering had made Viv hungry so he grabbed an ice-cream shake from Baskin Robbins.

The grand structure near the exit

We spent some 5 minutes analysing this ad and wondering if the "streching" was a typo or a pun that we missed!

Coming up in day 3 - dune-bashing, driving around with a mad man in the desert in total darkness, and the belly dancer!



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