Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Perdang - Day 2 Part 2

As soon as we landed at Long Beach, much verbal abuse was in store for Ro, who had booked our resort. Reason? The babes on Long Beach far exceeded the ones in Tuna Bay. Qualitatively and quantitatively.

A view of babe paradise island

We walked around the place to hunt for dinner. Finally, decided to have roti canai and maggi mee goreng at one of the beach eateries. As we sat down, the guys got a lot of neck exercise done. I had never seen them so excited! Wherever you looked, there were super hot bikini-clad babes. I was having a tough time keeping up a conversation with the very distracted guys. Finally, I gave up and started pointing out the location of the hot babes to them.

Soldier, there's one behind you! Jeeves, in front of you!

Ok everyone, turn to your right now.
Soldier - Ah! Nice!

Viv spots one, and his eyes light up.

Now this photo has an interesting story.

We saw this group of people sitting at the table behind us. Suddenly Ro said, "But what on earth is the girl doing sitting at a table with four guys??" "Excuse me???" Said a very indignant me! Ro quickly apologised, and I wondered to myself if I had just been complimented or insulted. Being one of the guys is good, but never being considered a girl is well, not so good.

This can of Malaysian Red Bull was so cool. It had the word 'BullLeh' on it, a spoof of the Malay word 'boleh' which means 'can'.

Ro is drinking a 'Mars drink'. Yes, it's literally a Mars bar in the blender with milk and sugar!

After a while, my straight side got the better of me, and I got sick of looking at the gals. There were guys at the beach too, but they were really nothing compared to the girls. In fact, we even saw couples where the guy was a Malay fisherman, and the girl was a hot Caucasian babe. Seeing that, Soldier wished he was a Malay fisherman too.

The guys at the beach

There was an Internet Station too!

As we sat and ate, I noticed this very old guy eating a durian and a drink, and writing something under candlelight. He looked like he was one of those travelling writers who do not know where they would be the next day. And as I watched him write, I thought how cool it would be if I really had no commitments, and had lots of money to just travel around the world, and write. Write to my heart's content.

My mood was reflected in the surroundings. Soon, it got dark, and the sky turned into a beautiful canvas of red and grey.

Ever seen anything like this?

Ro, Soldier and I decided to take a walk along the water. As I walked into the water, the guys took these really amazing pictures.

Girl on water

I cannot even begin to describe how highly I think of the quality of this picture. I feel honoured to be a part of it.

Then we decided to do a lot of experimenting with Soldier's camera. Now he is a guy who loves to take self-pics. So as we posed against the dark backdrop, he took this shot.

More experimentation with the camera followed!

Rather interesting...

The next photo also has a story! We're gonna sell it to Mercedes and get a lot of money for it.

What say you?

Finally, we were done with all the child's play, and decided to go join the vegetarians gorging on maggi mee goreng.

We found this little hut-like place to sit and have drinks. The place was dimly lit with small candles, and looked absolutely beautiful.

And of course, the customary hand photo followed.

Next was one of the most memorable and hilarious incidents of the trip. Look at the picture of the guys below.

They look all right, don't they? Quite normal. Well, that was soon going to change.

The guys decided to order sheesha, some hookah-like thing. Possibly to drown out their sorrows that the babes had chosen the fishermen to date instead of them.

I took a shot at the sheesha and immediately decided it wasn't my cup of tea. So I sat back, relaxed and watched the guys get high.

You can tell Ro's had a try, can't you? Just look at how happy he looks!

Next was Soldier. Jeeves and Viv are happy just from the thought that they are next!

The smoking dragon

And you see the effect on Soldier, and Jeeves takes a shot.

Soldier has a sudden mood swing. The 'victory' sign does not quite fit in here, does it?

Ro - My turn my turn!

Ro gets happy now, while Soldier's mood swings again!

Every time I look this picture, I can't control my laughter. Oooh Soldier, what a killer look!

Finally! It's Viv's turn. This is the 'Before' shot.

The 'During' shot

Huh? He's still 'During'? That's a long shot, dude!

And the effect shows! Hahaha!

We had asked the boatman to come and fetch us. I assumed we would go back the way we came, a small boat to the big boat and then off to Tuna Bay resort in the big boat. Well, the small boat part was right. Apparently, there was no big boat! The five of us and the two boatmen barely fitted on the small boat, and it struck me that we were going to travel on the sea all the way in the dark without any life jackets. And to top that, the guy was using only a flashlight to guide the fast-moving boat on the sea.

The sensation of absolute thrill combined with absolute terror is such a unique experience.


  • Amazing sheesha photographs!! The expressions of the guys is PRICELESS in these photos. I couldn't stop laughing man - and great captions too. But the photos really speak for themselves... hahahhahaha!

    ...and nice evening shots. There's a certain serenity that emanates from them...

    By Blogger Sahil, at 1:28 PM  

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