Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Dubai - Day 1 part 2

We decided to spend the late afternoon and evening at Madinat Jumeirah, also known as the Arabian resort of Dubai.

On the way, we passed by this huge poster of the rulers of Dubai and Abu Dhabi - the vice-President and President of the UAE.

Entrance to Madinat Jumeirah

Funny sign at the cab drop-off point

Situated close to the Burj Al Arab, Madinat Jumeirah is designed to resemble an ancient Arabic citadel.

Notice the Burj Al Arab in the background?

A closer look at the Burj Al Arab

The alleys were designed to give the feel of an ancient souk (market).

The lighting also added to the effect.

Ancient clock outside one of the shops

Viv and A admire the colours in this stall of beautiful lamps and other glassware.

A close-up of the glassware

The towering Christmas tree and us. Though there were tons of people standing around the tree, my friend R took this shot so it looks like we were the only ones there.

Close-up of the Christmas decor

Funny frogs on display

Plates with Arabic patterns

Yateem optician? Why would anyone name their shop that?

Sand art in glass bottles

Some even had text in them, and you could choose to get your own name written inside the bottles too!

Materials for the customised sand art

Weird mannequin

Talk about having a watchdog for your store - a gentlemanly one at that!

The Burj Al Arab (again!) at dusk

The Burj by the waterfront

Baby t-shirt shop with attitude-y slogans!

"I may be small but I'm still the boss!"

"Small with a big attitude"

There were many many restaurants by the waterfront, each serving a different type of cuisine.

People taking a boat ride on the water

Locals wearing their traditional dress is a common sight.

Palm trees surround the waterfront.

I pose near the water.

As it got darker, the photos got prettier.

Final pic at Madinat Jumeirah before we left for Dubai Marina to meet an old friend who was incidentally in Dubai on work at that time

We took a walk around Marina and saw some more pretty sights.

Finally, dinner at Royal Orchid - a Thai restaurant

Coming up in day 2 - Viv's karting adventure!



  • Hey Sash,
    Lovely to see the photos and read about your trip! I do want to wish you and Viv many many many more such exciting, adventurous, and fun travels in the new year too. :) Keep smiling! :)

    By Blogger Harshi, at 6:21 AM  

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