Sunday, February 19, 2006

Manila trip - Feb 2006

View from my aeroplane window

Manila City

Manila City - closer

Manila City - even closer

Manila City - even closer!!

ABC platform - where Paulo was supposed to pick me up from

Manila City welcomes me!

Opera House as pointed out by Paulo

Every cab has 'How's my driving?' printed on it.

The hotel where I stayed. Notice the li'l Starbucks tucked in the corner?

My room. One queen and one single bed!

View from one of my four windows

View from second window - the back of an old factory

Chilling in the room just before stepping out to check out what Manila had to offer

Senorita banana - as small as my little finger!

Senorita banana again!

Baby mango

Baby mango again!

Me demonstrating how my respiratory system works

Trainer and trainees

Buku salad made with young coconut and pandan jelly - I hogged on it! Yummy!

Me demonstrating the Science CD-ROM games to the teachers

Excited teachers playing the CD-ROM games

Macapagal spa where we went to get massages

After the presentation

Teachers flock to check out the books.

Lone teacher playing the CD-ROM game (everyone could see on the big screen how badly he was doing!)

A friend I made

Another friend I made

The venue overlooked the bay, but I could not go close to take a pic as the US embassy was just opposite

Sunset - Phase 1

Sunset - Phase 2

Sunset - Phase 3

Sunset - Phase 4

Sunset - Phase 5

Sunset - Phase 6

Fried dumplings at a Korean restaurant - Yum!

Appetisers - they almost filled me up!

The chicken soup was cooked at out table itself!

Paulo, me, boss and author

A rainy day by the bay

Grand Boulevard hotel - one of the many old-looking hotels in Manila

Jeep - first 4 km costs only 7 pesos!!!!

Nirvana club

Funny signboard - 'Don't block sidewalks. Sidewalks are for people' (!!) and 'No parking both sides' (what if I park on only one side?)

Market! Market! mall at Global City (where I ended up spending every peso I had, including the money set aside for the airport tax!)


Little fountain at the mall

Friend and I pose with the flowers and display our shopping

Ah! What a pretty pic!

Elephants and giraffes covered with grass

Steamed peanuts!

The fruit market was colossal!

Bougainvillea bonsai??!!

Trainer with trainees on the last day

I pose with the Director of a school. Would you believe it? She is a grandmother!

Taken from the airport before departure

Goodbye, Manila! You're fabulous!




    Nice pics! I love the shot from the aeroplane! I simply love the clouds! Nice shot!

    But I don't see all the pics, specially towards the end.. WHY?!

    By Blogger Rohit Talwar, at 12:54 PM  

  • #Rohit,
    Thanks! :)

    It takes a while to load all the pics. So gotta wait to see all :)

    By Blogger Sayesha, at 1:28 PM  

  • nice shots of the sunset:)

    By Blogger shub, at 3:14 PM  

  • You are a very pretty girl... how come I never noticed that before? :-)

    By Blogger Anil, at 3:38 PM  

  • luvd da rainy day by the bay pic..sumhow felt gud watchin all da pics..hats off 2 ya for livin life da way u want2..
    --another engineer who is hopin sumday she wud also do da things she really wants to..

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:27 PM  

  • With your description of Paulo in your other blog, i had visualized a picture of him but he doesn't seem to be as big as i thought. Anyway, nice to see you have a good time, thanks for sharing pictures with us.

    By Blogger Shuuro, at 4:56 PM  

  • #Shub,
    Thanks! :)

    *blush* :)
    Well, what can I say? Some people are slow learners? ;)

    Thanks, girl! :)
    ps: If you want outta the engineering thing, my suggestion would be to start thinking on what you wanna do, and how you wanna go about doing it. No one but we ourselves can change our own lives. :)

    Actually you're right, even I think that he doesn't look as big in this pic for some reason. Perhaps the 3D version is more realistic to show the true Paulo :)

    By Blogger Sayesha, at 5:04 PM  

  • Hey Kawaii...i felt like i'm there too in my beloved country "Philippines"^_^ while looking at the pics.here.Umm quite feeling sad too coz im missing my place so much.Glad you enjoyed your trip there Sayesha^_^
    I'ts like im feelin' proud to be a Filipino this time haha..i mean the way you describe the place and the people...maybe you know now what i feels why i love India and the Indian people?There's a similarity in us esp.the friendliness.Good you have Filipino friends now aside from me^_~ Hope next time i can see you too in Manila...or maybe it's better in India?Haha...let's plan for that ok?Luv u sweetie...thanx for showing my country to the whole world.
    I love all the pics...


    By Blogger lil _kath, at 10:29 PM  

  • Hey Sayesha... lovely snaps :) And you look really smart too ;)

    By Blogger Shruthi, at 11:34 PM  

  • Anil u dog, stay away from her... maine isko patana shuru kiya hai... aur uske haanthon ko toh pata bhi liya hai... isko poora patana aabhi baki hai...

    just stay away from her... ok??? sala mallus kahin bhi Tea Karai le ke a jate hain ladki logon ka patane ke chakkar mein...

    ok Sayesha now you also stay away... as you know I can spill a few beans... ;-) khi khi khi khi... (wicked calvin laughter)

    abe that grand mom looks like ur younger sister... she looks younger than you... ok ok you also look pretty... yaaaawwwwnnnn !!!

    idiot I called u thrice today... Everytime voice mail... Duffer Singapore ka mobile system...


    By Blogger virdi, at 8:16 PM  

  • paulo not that big la, just needs a better-fitting shirt... did DA lose weight?! you looked good in the room, a bit tired during the presentations. so proud of you to have done this!

    By Blogger Starbreez, at 1:32 AM  

  • Enjoyed the pics Sash. Pink looks nice on u!
    and who is the 'Boss' that you mentioned in one of the pics..

    By Anonymous Harshi, at 4:36 AM  

  • The photos are too good...So is your account on the other blog...

    This is probably the first time I'm seeing photos of you with neither a hat nor a bandana on your head...You look very pretty...

    Like shuuro said, by ur description of Paulo on the other blog, I expected to see a really huuuuuge man...But he doesn't look so huge in the photo...Yeah, you're right, its perhaps the 3D effect...

    By Anonymous soumya, at 7:58 AM  

  • #Kathy,
    Thanks! :) I hope I get to go to Manila again! :)

    Thanks, girl! :)

    Thanks! :)

    Hahaha, maybe I can take a right-fitting shirt for Paulo if I ever have the chance to go to Manila again :)

    DA lost weight? Can't tell lah, with that costume...

    Thanks! My friend Ro would be very pleased to read your comment about the pink T-shirt :)

    Boss is the lady in the picture, she's the Publishing Manager. :)

    Thanks, dear! :)

    //This is probably the first time I'm seeing photos of you with neither a hat nor a bandana on your head...You look very pretty...

    Hahahaha! Much as I would have liked to, they wouldn't have let me sport my usual 'goondi' look in a formal presentation where I was supposed to be the respectable science speaker! ;) Can you imagine me in formals sporting a bandana? Hahahaha! That would be quite a sight! :D

    By Blogger Sayesha, at 8:44 AM  

  • #Virdi,
    Sorry yaar, missed your comment! (Bakwaas likhega toh yehi hoga! Hehehe!)

    // sala mallus kahin bhi Tea Karai le ke a jate hain

    Hahahaha! :D

    By Blogger Sayesha, at 8:48 AM  

  • Really an awesome collection...!! Dil karta hai ek chakkar laga loon duniya ka...!!

    Awesome locales...!!

    By Blogger L, at 10:41 PM  

  • Manila trip - Feb 2005 (???) oh sweety, its already 2006 now..

    By Blogger Anurama, at 4:16 PM  

  • hi sayesha.. first time i've seen ur pic... now it seems i can relate to ur blog beter (?)

    By Anonymous Anat, at 11:29 AM  

  • Damn... You look hot yaar. :P

    I'm gonna start hitting on you from now on. I'm going to. I'm going to. I'm going to.

    hehe... :D

    By Blogger Vikram, at 11:44 AM  

  • And Grandmom wearing a skirt? Now that's cool... hehe..:P

    By Blogger Vikram, at 11:47 AM  

  • You don't look as bad as I thought earlier :P

    bye bye teacher!

    By Blogger Chints, at 10:14 PM  

  • cool fotoos!

    Virdee =))


    By Anonymous tinku, at 12:55 AM  

  • Acha tell me something yaar, how on earth did you click em pics from the aircraft. Whenever ive tried to take my cam with me, the folks out there ask me to remove the batteries :(

    BTW, Pics were great, Manila's picturesque :)


    By Blogger KS, at 12:32 AM  

  • #L,
    Toh laga le na ek chakkar! Take me along too! :)

    Sheesh typo typo! Changed it! :P
    Thanks!! :)

    Really?? Sometimes I think we relate more with people we have never seen! :)

    Arre waise bhi you keep hitting on me anyway, without even having met me! Jab miloge toh pata nahin kya hoga! :D

    //You don't look as bad as I thought earlier :P

    Sheesh! You dhakkan! :@

    Thanks yaar! :)

    Err... I dunno... no one asked me to remove batteries so I just took 'em pictures! :D

    By Blogger Sayesha, at 10:38 AM  

  • ur sunset pics are fabulous.........very goood

    By Blogger ~ Deeps ~, at 6:29 PM  

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