Friday, November 22, 2013

Australia road trip day 14 - Ferry trip around the city

22 November 2013

It was a rest day, which meant that instead of Xena and me being stuck at home, we could all go out and do some sightseeing, yeay!

We decided to take the City hopper ferry and just generally roam around, trying to unearth the hidden treasures of the city. The ferry stop was a 2-km walk from where we were staying and for some reason we decided to walk it. It sure was a looooooong walk, but thanks to the cool weather, none of us collapsed on the road. 

Contradicting neighbours - Burger Urge and G-Zone gym

I was rather fascinated by the concept of these rental bikes. You could pick one up anywhere and just return it wherever you were done with it. 

We passed a beautiful Flame of the Forest tree on the way. I picked up a flower for Xena and she twirled and twirled it for most of the way. 

And finally, we were on the ferry! (Xena is wondering where we are going.)

How cool is this house? Instead of a car, you have a boat and the door of your house leads straight into the water!

Our first stop was the South Bank parklands. What a gorgeous place!

Viv and Confucius try to impart some 'gyaan' to the monkey princess. 

There were fountains and lots of greenery everywhere. 

Family shot!

Xena and I attempt to chase the bird. 

Next up - Streets beach, Australia's only inner-city man-made beach. It was basically a lagoon with white sand and subtropical plants around it. Though it was very disorienting to see a 'beach' smack in the middle of the city, it was gorgeous nevertheless. 

Lunch was at a Mexican restaurant. Xena looks pleased as punch with her red high chair. 

Xena seriously reading the menu... as if!

Check out their spice levels. Viv, as usual, went for the 'suicidal' level! I believe he regretted it later, but of course he won't admit it!

Viv has another XXX Gold beer. He's trying to teach Xena how to do the two thumbs up sign. Bewda!

And she does it! Bewdi!

The food was superb! And so was the margarita.

Lots of colour everywhere!

Soon, we were back on the ferry, headed towards our next destination - nowhere in particular!

It was nice to see the old and new buildings and structures go past. There's something about moving water that makes you very thoughtful, isn't it?

See, even Xena concurs!

The wheel of Brisbane

I took this picture to show the stunning contrast between the new and old buildings that make up the city. 

Next stop - Queen street, where we did some shopping. Xena got a lot of attention here. A lady in a shop said, "She's soooooooo tiny!" while another said, "She's soooooo cute!"

After this, we headed towards the City Botanic Garden just for Xena to have some space to run around. 

We saw a coconut tree with lots and lots of these birds. I think I was more excited than Xena!

Can you spot the chameleon? Yikes!

Xena had an absolute ball in the garden. She did the see-saw...

...and the swings...

...and the ladder and the swings and what not...

Afterwards, we relaxed on the benches and enjoyed the lovely view of these boats while waiting for our ferry back. 

On the way back, we sat on the upper deck of the ferry. The young lady was thrilled! Five minutes later, she was fast asleep. 

We saw this shop on the way back. What the...?!

In the evening, we set off again for a short walk. Dinner was at a northeastern Thai restaurant. We also picked up some breakfast items from the supermarket next door and then headed towards Wilson Outlook, which had been recommended to us by our host. 

I was seriously taken aback to see this stunning view from a spot that was in the middle of the city. 

We hung around for a while, watching the lights change colour. Xena absolutely loved it. 

We got home and had some breezers on the patio. Xena gave our host the gift we had taken for him from Singapore. He looked quite pleased. 

And that was that for the day. 



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