Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Amsterdam-France - day 8

24 September 2014

So we only got out of the house at 11 am! Why? Because Viv was doing the one thing that most people do on vacations. Work. Sheesh.

Xena and I got ready and then waited... and waited... for her Poppy to finish his work.

Finally, the laptop closed and we breathed a sigh of relief. The highlight of today's itinerary was the Sacre Coeur, also known as the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris. Located at the summit of Montmarte, the highest point in the city, it is a Roman Catholic church dedicated to the sacred heart of Jesus. As usual, we had decided to walk it, even though it was faaaaar away.

We had lunch at a tiny place along the way. Xena's tiny animals had accompanied us, of course. 

To our utter surprise, Xena actually did eat some of the spaggheti. 

Finally, the very long walk came to an end, and we reached the Montmarte. The climb up was very tiring as well, not so much due to the elevation but the fact that we had walked so much. 

The view from the top

And here it was... the Sacre Coeur!

It was milling with tourists from all over the world. 

Things had been quite boring for Xena for a while. Fortunately, we spotted a tiny playground at the foot of the building. 

Xena goes on the slide, while Viv tries to hide. 

The li'l dragon slides down!

Soon, she has burnt off all her energy and started to look tired. We decided to walk back and let her nap on Viv's shoulder. She did. 

We saw this restaurant called ISIS along the way. Bet they're going to change their name soon. 

More Tintin mechandise!

We got home and relaxed all afternoon. I'd read about the insanely popular Angelina hot chocolate and I just had to get it for Viv (he's a big fan of hot choc). We walked almost 2 km, and it also started raining. After braving all that, we were aghast to see that Angelina was closed. There was a bouncer outside (why?) turning people away.  

For dinner, we went to an Indian restaurant called Akash. The food was yum!

The next day, we were leaving Paris. I was a little sad because I'd liked it much more than Amsterdam and I wasn't sure how the next few places would be.

Here's a video of Xena talking about Paris. 

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