Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Chiang Mai - day 4

6 Oct 2015

As expected, we woke up on day 4 feeling a little depressed because it was the last day of the vacation. Our flight was in the afternoon, so we decided to explore the nearby areas on foot until then. 

Xena playing with an inflated elephant that Maya had bought for Pickles in the street market

We stumbled upon a cafe called 'Catmosphere'. The two kids in the group -- Pizzadude and Xena -- were absolutely thrilled at the prospect of dining with cats. 

Unfortunately, the place was not open, so she had to make do with peering through the glass doors to say hi to the cats.

In a way, Catmosphere not being open turned out well for us because we walked around quite a bit and came across the....

...Mac Cafe! Wait till you see the inside... 

Yes, the cafe had not been randomly named. It truly was Mac-themed. Check out their desserts!

There was a tree right inside the cafe!

Viv tours the cafe, checking out the various Macs were on display.

Xena had, meanwhile, found and perched herself on a 'high chair'. 

We ordered some lovely tea...

...and some lovelier food! 

One of the best meals we had in Chiang Mai for sure!

Once the tummies were full, we decided to walk about a little more. We saw many funny signs, such as the...

...See man pub! We were not sure if it was a pub where you go to see many a hot man or what.

And of course, there was 'the best Physics Academy ever'!

Soon, it was time to pack up and check out so we went back and did exactly that. Reluctantly. 

We flagged a songthaew to take us back to the airport. He looked at the group and quoted us a sum, which was lower than what we expected. He didn't charge anything for the kids, even though normally they charge per person.  

Xena really enjoyed the journey. She spent the entire journey making funny faces with her daddy. This is just a sample. 

Xena says 'kapun kap' (thank you) to the songthaew driver. He was very amused. 

The waiting lounge was right beside the runway and we had a fab view of the planes against the mountain backdrop. 

The airport was not very crowded, and Xena had a great time making use of all that space.

Xena bags a window seat for the journey back to Singapore. Good bye, Chiang Mai. You were fab!



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