Monday, January 30, 2017

Mauritius - day 7

30 January 2017

It was a gloomy morning, and not just because it was a Monday. The last day of a vacation is never happyville. I wasn't exactly looking forward to going back to work, but Viv probably wasn't too worried about transitional issues because he'd worked throughout the vacation, grrr!

Viv suddenly declared that he wanted to make instant noodles. It's one of the things he can actually cook (if you consider making instant noodles "cooking"). We still had a ton of pasta left over from the day before, so between that and Viv's instant noodles, we were all set for lunch.

Then the girls did some mehendi and some nail art. Clueless is a pro at nail art and had taken along her suite of nail art tools. She used her stamping tools to beautify Mom's and my toenails. I got a fairy done on my big toe.

Soon, it was time to leave. We said goodbye to the house and the mini pool and the mangoes on the mango tree (okay, I didn't say goodbye to the mangoes on the mango tree but I'm pretty sure Dad did!) and left.

We also said bye to our murshid, our beloved thumbs-up mountain. 

On the way, we passed the elliptical Mauritius Commercial Bank, known as the MCB building. It was the first in the southern hemisphere to achieve a BREEAM rating (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method), which is the most widely used method of certifying sustainability. Its eco-friendly features include rainwater harvesting, furniture and flooring made of recycled products and low-energy lighting. 

At the airport, we split up into two groups and parted ways. Mom and Dad boarded a flight to India and the rest of us headed back to Singapore. I wasn't too sad about that because I was going to see them in a few weeks (I'd suddenly decided during the Mauritius trip to attend a cousin's wedding in February).

For the next few days, all Xena talked about was Mauri-Mauri-Mauri. Her obsession with the birds of Mauritius was very endearing. Everyone she talked to now knew about Dody and Fody.

Xena made this drawing showing Viv and her as Mauritian birds. My heart literally melted when I saw this.

Till the next holiday then...




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